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History of the Tennessee Rangers 

* Southwest Territory (Pre-Tennessee) Rangers.


* Both British and Colonial units were commissioned as Rangers in what is now known as Tennessee. 


* During the War of 1812 large numbers of unconventional riflemen & “Tennessee Mounted Gunmen” were enlisted and commissioned  as volunteers. This is the origin of the term “Tennessee Volunteers”. 


* Multiple formations of Tennessee Partisan Rangers and Volunteer Cavalry were formed by both sides during the Civil War. 


* In 1915, the Governor of Tennessee created a paramilitary unit, the Tennessee Rangers, which was organized as an auxiliary constabulary unit and fell under the authority of the Tennessee Adjutant General. 


* 10 Chief Tennessee Rangers were endorsed by the Governor to enforce laws during civil unrest and assist counties in need. 


* In 1916, the Rangers were successfully deployed to end a rash of murders, intimidation, lynchings and destruction of properties in Stewart County by the Ku Klux Klan. 


* Tennessee Rangers performed dangerous undercover investigative work to interdict criminals throughout Tennessee. 


* In 1917 Chief Ranger, Maj. James P. Fyffe mobilized a number of Deputy Rangers and led operations to quell violent labor conflicts in Chattanooga. 


* The Rangers helped maintain order during World War I while the National Guard was deployed abroad.


* The Tennessee Rangers cease to be mentioned in the State record after 1923. The Rangers, being the first Tennessee State Law Enforcement, are supplanted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol...


* In 2019, The Tennessee Rangers ride again as a Non-Profit Tennessee Public Benefit Formation, Humanitarian Aide Organization and Select Auxiliary Constabulary of Tennessee's best professionals from multiple fields of expertise.

*March 3, 2020, Tennessee Rangers deploy as a unit in response to the Middle Tennessee Tornado, conducting search & rescue, sawyer operations, food & water point service, improvised road construction, debris removal and after action follow up for citizens in the destruction zone.

*Summer 2020, Tennessee Rangers respond to civil unrest in the Nashville area. Squadron Members conducted event tracking, critical incident response and community intelligence dissemination to public safety and industry security leaders. Tennessee Rangers were critical in the preservation and defense of numerous Tennessee treasures and historic sites, including the legendary Ryman Auditorium, Tootsies, The Stage Bar and other venues in the downtown area.

August 21, 2021, The Squadron deploys to Waverly Tennessee in response to the devastating floods. Rangers provided search and recovery operations, waterborne search, technical debris removal and supply and water points in the town.

December 2021, Tennessee Ranger Squadron Sawyers activate directly in the aftermath of tornadoes that destroyed areas throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. As a VOAD State Representative, The Squadron coordinated as the premier technical debris removal experts with TEMA, Dickson EMA and charitable groups in the Kentucky region.

February-March 2022- Ukraine Mission: Tennessee Rangers send a small contingent to Ukraine on a humanitarian aide and fact finding effort. Tennessee Rangers provide medical training (TCCC) and coordination to Ukrainian Marines and UA Army and establish tasking with NGOs in the country. Upon the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces 14 days later, Rangers are in a forward position to assist with the evacuation of individuals and groups from the war zone. The Tennessee Rangers maintain an Open Source Intelligence collection effort to support our assets on the ground in the region. Rangers are currently working in the Ukrainian theater of war to establish medical triage protocols for civilians and conduct continued NEO (Non-combatant Evacuation Operations).

*Each day and night, Tennessee Rangers provide charitable community outreach, specialist consulting and emergency assistance when called upon or needed by The People, The State of Tennessee and its treasures.

*The Future- Tennessee Rangers continue to serve The People of Tennessee, today, tomorrow and the next...

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