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Tennessee Ranger Squadron Sawyer Team 

The Tennessee Rangers are the premier Critical Incident Response VOAD Formation in Tennessee.


Our Squadron Sawyer Team is the most effective chainsaw, crane, track loader, and climbing formation in the State of Tennessee. The Tennessee Ranger Squadron Sawyers provide expert response in the event of tornado, as well as ice and snow emergencies.


The Tennessee Ranger Squadron is an active VOAD member.


-Technical Debris Removal

-Search & Rescue

-Route Clearance & Construction

-Critical Site Management


Sawyer Training Course (Open to the public)


Training Curriculum: 

-Chainsaw Operation & Safety

-Tree Felling  

-Climbing Methods 

-Team Sawyer Squad Ops 

-Debris Removal & Tracked Vehicle Operation 

This course is essential to the Tennessee Ranger mission and anyone tasked with the safe operation of a chainsaw in hazardous environments.

For course details or to request assistance, contact our Sawyer Troop: FieldOps@TennesseeRangers.Agency

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