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Why Donate to the Tennessee Rangers?


 Every donation whether it be gear and supplies, or financial contributions goes to the Tennessee Ranger Squadron Fund to be utilized in the undertaking of various missions and activities to assist, protect and defend The People, The State of Tennessee, and its treasures. 

        The Tennessee Rangers will source the funding, manage the logistics, and acquire the aircraft for any child in Tennessee in need of specialty flight assistance to fly anywhere in the world for medical treatment. Every donation helps us provide that planning expertise and access those aviation resources. 

        Our Upper Cumberland Troops and Headquarters Platoon are dedicated to child rescue and the eradication of human trafficking. Our institutional knowledge in the investigation, intelligence and interdiction fields is maximized with vital funding to support those operations to recover children and other at-risk individuals from human trafficking networks. 

        Our Squadron Sawyer Team is the most effective chainsaw, crane, track loader, and climbing formation in the State of Tennessee. The Tennessee Ranger Squadron Sawyers provide expert response in the event of tornado, as well as ice and snow emergencies. Your donation helps keep their chainsaws sharp and maintain that wheels-up capability at a moment’s notice. 

       Tennessee Rangers do good work behind the scenes every day. Your tax-deductible donation will allow the Squadron to fulfill that mission and help to equip and train Volunteer Rangers. 


Thank you, 

The Tennessee Rangers

Certified 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

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