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Tennessee Ranger Waterborne Operations

The State of Tennessee has over 61,075 miles of waterways with major population centers and residential zones throughout those areas.

The Squadron Waterborne Detachment conducts maritime training operations, support for police tactical operations, flood rescue, underwater search and recovery, waterborne surveillance consulting, technical diver support, debris removal and salvage projects on Tennessee's lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

The Squadron's Waterborne Detachment Cadre have spent more than a collective century performing surface warfare, maritime security, underwater operations and waterborne rescue operations in the special operations and conventional service communities of our nation's armed services, public safety services and industry.

The Squadron conducts our "Scout Swimmer" course and hosts technical diving and vessel-based training for unit members focused on the maritime environment as part of their Squadron mission.

Contact The 1st Volunteer Tennessee Ranger Squadron, Waterborne Detachment for assistance with your agency, department or locality's waterborne needs. FieldOps@TennesseeRangers.Agency


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TNR Scout Swimmer.jpg
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