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Join the Tennessee Rangers

Volunteer for the Tennessee Rangers & contribute to our mission. 

Volunteer Ranger Requirements:

An individual must volunteer and pass a face to face board or accept an invitation from the board to become a member of the Tennessee Ranger Squadron. 

* Male. At least 18 years of age. *US Citizen and Resident of Tennessee. 

* Valid TN Driver's License. 

* Satisfactory driving record.

* High School diploma or GED.

* No felony convictions.

* No misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence.

* No convictions for crimes of moral turpitude. 

* All Tennessee Ranger Applicants will be screened for moral character and an honorable background.

* No disqualifiers from carrying a firearm.

* Individuals with TN POST Certification, Armed Security Guard Licenses, medical certification and Tennessee Investigator Licenses will receive special consideration for Ranger positions. 

* The Tennessee Rangers are actively recruiting Technical/ Public Safety Divers, Private Pilots, Network Security Experts, Tactical Trackers, Explosive Detection K9 Handlers and Equine Specialists. 

* Completion of Initial Ranger Training (IRT) will certify the successful Ranger Graduate as an operational member of the Tennessee Ranger Squadron in their respective field of expertise. 

If you are a male resident of Tennessee, at least 18 years old and are interested in volunteering your time to assist law enforcement agencies and serving your community, we encourage you to learn more about what it takes to become a Tennessee Ranger. 

The Tennessee Rangers are a highly skilled organization with a selective and arduous appointment process. It is both an honor and a challenge to serve as a Tennessee Ranger. We turn down more applications than we accept. We are looking for quality, not quantity.

Send a short introduction of yourself and a brief explanation of why the Tennessee Rangers should consider you for appointment with the Squadron to:

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